PGP Example (Part 2) -- Decrypting a File

related: cryptography , encryption , pgp , python , c

The OpenPGP spec is not very light reading, but my Python test implementation has come a long way in the past few days.

New since the first post:

  • Decrypts session keys in an encrypted data message
  • Decrypts encrypted data packet (message payload)
  • Uncompresses compressed packets
  • Saves literal data packets to a file
  • CAST5 symmetric key encryption support
  • All sorts of bug fixes and small architecture changes
  • All sorts of new bugs and architecture weaknesses

The Python code is now available as a Github Gist.

Additionally, I have begun the early stages of translating this into a C library.  Check out libsimplepgp at BitBucket.

And finally, my blog can now embed Github Gists.  So here’s the pretty Python. Nevermind… that was too much code.  Just click the link.