Arduinos are the Javascript of electronics

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Arduinos seem to have won the rapid-electronic-prototyping-system war.  Bringing electronic design to the masses.

Since the masses don’t really know what they’re doing (and don’t have to), we get stuff like this:

Ikea Lamp Mod

Which is pretty and all, and it’s cool that we can throw things like that together in a few minutes.  It’s cheap and fast and easy, and you can do it even if you got your degree in Film Studies.

But it’s also using a fairly feature-full modern microprocessor: 16 MIPs, 35 kilobytes of memory, 20 I/O lines.  It has all sorts of voltage regulators, a USB port and associated controller… and, of course, it boots.  It’s a microprocessor.  There’s a bootloader, maybe a copy from ROM to RAM, stack setup and initialization, et cetera, et cetera.

To flash some LEDs.

That whole mess would typically be implemented with an LED driver and a 555 timer or something.

That’s apparently a trade-off of generalizing development tools.  Wasteful, but simple.

And that’s acceptable… to a point.