wait, an introduction

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What I meant was: Hi, I’m Trevor, an embedded systems software developer from Atlanta, GA.  This is where I put some software that I make.  Most of the software I make is paid for and owned by others.  So it’s not available, and won’t be.

I need a place to keep my assorted notes on programming, scripting, and general computing topics.  This is it.  It’s for me, not for you, but you can read it if you’d like.

I write in C, mostly.  Also, Python.  Sometimes: assembly, objective-c, perl, php.  Seldom: java, c#, C++.  Once: haskell, lisp, squeak, ruby, SNUSP, brainfuck, visual basic, basic, logo.  Only when necessary: HTML+CSS.  Only when drunk: JavaScript.

I’m a Mac dude.  Also a Linux dude.  Standard dev environment: OS X + Ubuntu Server in a VMware virtual machine with wmii window manager and a lot of terminals.

I use subversion.  Also, mercurial and git.