Learning Language With Your Friend, The Internet.

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Hey, lookie, “the Internet” wants to help you learn a language!

You should probably start with a quick introduction to basic vocabulary and grammar from someplace like Indo-European Languages

Then start beefing up vocabulary with:

  • Live Mocha - Vocab, grammar, and pronounciation
  • _mem_rise - vocabulary, common phrases
  • anki - vocabulary
  • wiktionary - etymology (learn where words come from; remember them better)
  • Forvo - pronunciation
  • Rosetta Stone - vocabulary, common phrases
  • Teach Yourself <Language> audio tape

Do a little bit from all of the above every day.  They all work different skills and, if your memory sucks as much as mine, you need as much help as you can get.

Next step is learning drinking songs and cartoon theme songs.  Translate them with Google Translate.

Finally, start listening to radio, watching short films, and reading children’s stories.